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Our instructors are our difference.  We take a very different and special approach as to what we expect from our teachers and what they will provide to our students.  Vancouver Acting School isn’t just a place for you to listen to lectures, learn and get a diploma.  That might be okay for other schools, but not for us.  Our instructors are here to mentor you through the initial phases of your career, and work with you to not just acquire the artistic skills to work professionally, but to help you with the business acumen that make them successful.  That’s the key: VAS instructors have been there before, have already forged the path and are happy to show you how to follow it.


Artists helping the next generation of artists

VAS is artists helping the next generation of artists.  Our instructors aren’t just people who know a lot about their subject and are here to teach it; they are professionals in that industry.  Many are here on their day off from working in their given field to help our students get relevant experience of what is happening in the world today. Our instructors are professional actors and writers from cartoons and TV shows you see every day.  They’ve done, and do this for a living.  And now they are here to show you how to do it too.

It goes without saying that every school obviously has instructors.  But, not many have mentors who are committed to your success.  And even less have mentors who have current experience in their fields and are ready to share it with their students so they can work together, side-by-side in the future.  This is a huge difference that will help you turn your passion into your career.


Jesse Inocalla
Ely Jackson
Eduard Witzke
Alex Zahara
Bronwen Smith
Damonde Tschritter
Daniel Bacon
Nils Hognestad
Eric Fell
Geoff Gustafson
Graeme Duffy
Jeff Evans-Todd
Jillian Walchuk
Katrina Salisbury
Marc-Anthony Massiah
Patrick Maliha
Victor Ayala
Zahf Paroo
Carmel Amit
Laura Adkin
Johannah Newmarch
Kalyn Miles
Kris Elgstrand
Paul Donnett
Ryan Bright
Matthew Kowalchuk
Laura Adkin